Some of the exciting things that attract people to live in Sydney is the city’s iconic beauty, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and its vibrant lifestyle. While this charm pulls many into staying long term, it quickly fades when you can’t keep the city’s, loud vibrant lifestyle out of your home. Sydney is without a doubt Australia’s largest capital city, but that doesn’t mean its residents should be up all night dealing with noise.

4 Key Ways Sydney Residents Can Reduce Noise


For Sydney residents who experience excessive noise, there are four key ways to reduce the level of noise that they experience and make their homes comfortable. Read on to find out what they are.

Cover Hard Surfaces

The outside world, the road, and loud neighbours can be a major source of noise, the best way to start reducing it is from within the home. A major amplifier of unwanted noise within the home is hard surfaces such as floors. A great way to prevent this noise from travelling throughout your home is by covering hard surfaces with rugs, which prevent sound from reverberating through your home (and also adds a bit of decorative flair to your living space ).

Use Furniture Strategically

If your neighbours have a very talkative pooch or have developed an ill-advised passion for late night music, the resulting noise can be tiring to say the least. Another strategy for noise reduction can be using bulkier furniture. You can take advantage of bookcases and large cabinets by placing them against walls to act as a makeshift sound absorber to prevent noise from travelling throughout your house. You can also align the head of your bed against and internal wall instead of having your head close to the external noise.  By using your furniture strategically, you can effectively reduce noise and the effect it has on your comfort.

Fix Cracks, Gaps and Holes in Your Home

Many homes struggle with noise reduction because of noise seeping through cracks, gaps, or holes in walls or even around the windows and door. Even well insulated houses can fall victim to these noise leaks, which is why it’s essential to identify where leaks exist to rectify the issue as soon as possible. Sealing the gaps quickly by yourself or with the help of a hired professional, you can help your home reduce unwanted noise. Magnetite’s Sealtite is a perfect solution to seal the gap under or around your doors and windows. This solution enhances the performance of existing windows and doors by applying suitable draught-proofing strips that are appropriate for the window or door style, retaining easy operation.

Soundproofing and Double Glazing Your Existing Windows

Windows can let in too much noise to your home. A standard, single paned window can be the worst culprit of noise penetration, easily allowing outside noise into your home, keeping you up and disturbing your home environment. One effective way to reduce noise within your home is by investing in  good window soundproofing. Soundproofing solutions block gaps where sound can come from, while adding value to the existing space. Replacing your window with an Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) or also known as double glazed window is the most common window soundproofing solution. However, for Sydney’s city dwellers who live in an apartment or terrace house, replacing the window often is not an option.

An alternative soundproofing solution like a retrofit double glazing, or a secondary glazing solution is more feasible and may deliver more effective result. These solutions  allow the residents to enjoy all the benefits of double glazing without the hassle of replacement windows.  

An example of secondary glazing is Magnetite’s Soundtite window system, which uses the structure of your existing windows and simply adds a secondary acoustic aluminium window, with a maximum air gap, to stop the noise and vibration from coming in.

For Sydneysiders who have timber windows, a retrofit double-glazing solution like Magnetite® can provide effective soundproofing with minimal visual impact. Magnetite® is magnetic secondary glazing system that attaches discreetly to the inside of a window reveal. The system creates an air cavity which acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature to create a comfortable, stable indoor temperature for year-round comfort.

Double-glazed windows don’t just reduce noise, they also add value to your home by providing a more comfortable space.  

Magnetite Sydney offers a range of retrofit double glazed window systems and soundproof windows solutions specifically designed to keep unwanted noise out of your home, so that you can get back to enjoying Sydney living.

If you’re interested in a Magnetite or Soundtite solution, please get in contact with our team at Magnetite Sydney today.

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