Window tinting for your home and office

As the sunburnt nation, we can all appreciate the power and intensity of the sun's rays. Glazing can act like a magnifying glass and allow the radiant heat from the sun to turn a home or office into a sauna and disturb your thermal comfort. Solartite reduce radiant heat, making the living space more comfortable and functional.

Thermal Comfort

Don’t sweat in your home. Solartite can reduce radiant heat through existing glazing, making your home or office more comfortable in summer.

Energy Efficiency

Solartite make your home or office more comfortable without the need to crank up the air conditioner. This means less energy use and more money in your pocket from savings on energy bills.

Fits Existing Windows

Solartite is fit to your existing windows glazing. The installation is relatively quick and can be completed within a few hours, providing an immediate thermal comfort in your home.

How Solartite Works

magnetite window details

Solartite window tinting can only be applied onto the existing window glazing. The window tinting will manage the solar heat gain, reduce glare and minimise radiant heat before it enters the room, keeping the room cool during summer. Solartite, in conjunction with Magnetite retrofit double glazing, will transform your standard, generic glass window into a high-performance glazing system. Testing through the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) ensures that our customised solar control window films and film solutions can provide the best results for your home or office.

How Solartite Solves Your Problems?

  • air cavity

    Radiant Heat

    Minimise radiant heat before it enters the room
  • subframe installation

    Glare Reduction

    Reduce eye strain when watching TV, reading, or working on the computer
  • comfort

    Daytime Privacy

    Lift the blinds to bring in natural light without losing your privacy
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