Solartite - Solar Control Film

Solar control film for your home and office windows

Reduce heat and glare

As the sunburnt nation, we can all appreciate the power and intensity of the sun's rays. Glazing can act like a magnifying glass and allow the radiant heat from the sun to turn a home or office into a sauna and disturb your thermal comfort. Solartite films reduce radiant heat, making the living space more comfortable and functional.

Solartite offers three ranges of window films to cater for any combination of building style, orientation, privacy and appearance:

  • Heritage - These films are low sheen with a neutral to grey window tint. Ideal for older, period style or heritage homes, they are not overpowering and maintain the character of your home.
  • Modern - These films are low sheen, with a neutral to bronze window tint. Ideal for a face-lift or renovation, strata buildings or homes with views since they have low internal reflection at night.
  • Ultra - These solar films are high sheen, high performance films for maximum heat rejection. Ideal for laminated glass and westerly facing windows which take the brunt of the sun's heat.

Benefits of solar control window films

All solar control window films come with the following benefits:

  • Glare reduction - Reduce eye strain when watching TV, reading or working on the computer.
  • Enhanced daytime privacy - Lift the blinds to bring in natural light without losing your privacy.

Solartite, in conjunction with Magnetite retrofit double glazing, will transform your standard, generic glass window into a high performance glazing system. Testing through the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) ensures that our customised solar control window films and film solutions can provide the best results for your home or office. Magnetite - the solution for comfortable living.