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Perth's CBD Heritage Building Restoration

Perth's CBD heritage refurbishments called for fully-restored heritage buildings with the latest in commercial green design. One40William adds to the Perth cityscape with outstanding contemporary designs incorporated with gorgeous heritage buildings.
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Contemporary Coastal Chic

Magnetite Perth installed retrofit double glazing at property in Nedlands and Swanbourne to reduce traffic noise.
noise reductionNoise Reduction
fits existin -windowsFits Existing Windows
custom installationCustom Installation



Magnetite double glazed windows in Perth specialise in acoustic and thermal solutions for existing windows and doors. Our solutions allow homeowners and commercial property owners to enjoy all the benefits of double glazing without having to replace the existing windows. Retrofit double glazing Perth converts a single glazed window into a double glazed window, which means that instead of replacing all your windows, our system fits to your existing windows. Our system is installed to the inside of the windowsill, creating an air cavity between your existing window and the Magnetite system which acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature..

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What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Although they have been around for quite some time, many people are still not completely sure what they are. Double glazing refers to windows with two layers of glazing separated by an air cavity. This is also referred to as an Insulated Glass Unit or IGU. The gap between the panes is normally filled with still air, which acts as the buffer unit against noise and temperature extremes. As the extra layer of glazing and air gap takes up more space a heavier duty frame or adapter is required for double glazed windows. The frame can be made of wood, metal, or uPVC (heavy plastic). Retrofit double glazing is the process of adding another layer to the existing window to create a double glazing system. This is often more effective than replacement windows as the air cavity can be increased for better performance.

Can Double Glazing Help to Keep My Home Cool in the Summer?

Absolutely, yes. Our Perth retrofit double glazed windows offer Magnetite® which uses an optical grade acrylic glazing that is up to 6 X more thermally efficient and up to 18 X stronger than glass. These features allow Magnetite® to help maintain a comfortable room temperature for year round thermal comfort. To further reduce the heat in summer, we offer Solartite window films, to transform your standard glass window to a high performance double glazed window.

Will Double Glazed Windows Keep My House Warmer in the Winter?

Magnetite® patented framing creates a thermal break from your existing frame while its airtight magnetic seals eliminate draughts. Our retrofit double glazing windows will keep you warm during winter in Perth. In addition to making your home more comfortable, Magnetite double glazing Perth converts your window into the best energy efficient window for winter performance, helping you save on energy bills.

Can Double Glazed Windows Reduce Noise from Outside?

Our window installation Perth team have installed retrofit double glazing in Perth for many property owners who wished to reduce the outside noise through their windows and doors. The soundproofing performance of double glazed windows usually depend on the thickness of the glazing and the depth of air cavity between the two panes. Generally, the larger the air cavity, the better the noise reduction.

  • About Us

    Magnetiteperth anneandgraham 01
    Anne and Graham Gaunt, Franchise Owners
    Magnetite Perth commenced trading in 2006, initially from the same premises as our existing family business, Rayban Window Tinting in Malaga. Adapting Magnetite's retrofit double glazed window system into the existing tint business filled a void for customers who wanted to soundproof their windows and boost thermal performance, without sacrificing natural light.

    Magnetite retrofit double glazing soon became known in Perth as the way to soundproof and insulate existing windows and overcome the performance shortcomings of single glazed windows and doors without altering their look, or the street appeal of the home.

    As a family run business we are proud that over 25% of our double glazing business comes from repeat customers and referrals. In 2011, we moved to our new premise in Crocker Dr, Malaga and continue to offer a variety of solutions for your windows such as Solartite window films, Magnetite retrofit double glazing and Soundtite secondary glazing to ensure we are best equipped to solve our customers concerns.

    Our double glazing installations in both residential and commercial premises have provided some outstanding results for our clients and extend beyond Perth to as far afield as Mindarie in the north to Mandurah in the south.

    If you have any questions about the benefits or the process of retrofitting double glazing in your Perth home, contact us today.
  • Cut Energy Bills in Perth with Magnetite Double Glazing

    Magnetite double glazed windows reduce energy loss and gain through the windows, which lowers your heating and cooling costs. In the winter, 30% of your home’s heating energy escapes through the windows. In summer, 76% of sunlight that falls on standard windows becomes heat. Improving the thermal performance of your windows with Magnetite double glazing is a great way to cut your family's energy costs in the long run.

    Effective Double Glazing for Perth Properties
    Let’s look at a typical residence in Perth. January is the hottest month in Perth, and the average monthly cost of cooling is around $225 for a small flat. The coolest month in Perth is July, with average temperatures of 11°C. Heating, electricity and gas bills can be upwards of $400 a month for a small flat in the winter and $500 or more for larger houses. Cutting energy bills would save a household in Perth hundreds of dollars per month.

    Window Coverings vs. Double Glazed Windows
    Let’s compare our double glazing to a common type of window treatment. Operable window coverings can be used to take advantage of heat from the sun in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer. Options include shades, blinds, curtains, or shutters. Window coverings do almost nothing when it comes to heat loss in the winter. If you want to let sun in to heat a room, you must change the positions of the shades on an hourly basis, depending on where the sun is shining in.
    Double glazed windows are always working for you. They help keep your interior temps stable--and once they're installed, you don't have to do a thing! Installing Magnetite windows is one of the biggest steps you can take to reduce energy loss and cut your monthly cost.

    Cut Your Energy Bills with Double Glazed Windows
    Installing double glazed windows is a smart investment if your property is in Perth, or anywhere in Australia. Talk to one of our representatives about adding Magnetite double glazing to the windows of your property now. It's the first step toward cutting your energy bills for the long term.

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