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Do you feel that the noise coming into the house is unbearable? While this may be part of living in a bustling city like Melbourne, it can lower the quality of comfort in the house drastically. Double glazed windows Melbourne services can help improve the ambience in your house. Magnetite double glazing Melbourne services offer more than traditional double glazing. It works by converting your existing single glazed windows into double glazing without all the hassles of replacement windows.

✔️ What are the benefits of double glazing in Melbourne?

  • Energy efficiency- Magnetite glazing Melbourne uses PVC frames which increases their insulation capability.  uPVC windows are better insulated than aluminium.  The house will remain cool in hot weather, and warm in cold weather. The energy bills will be lowered due to the reduced need for heating and air conditioning, making it more energy-efficient.
  • Soundproofing – Melbourne double glazed windows are very good at acting as sound barriers. This will keep the level of noise coming into your house to a minimum, improving the comfort a great deal.
  • Aesthetics – Retaining your existing windows maintains the character and aesthetics of older and period homes.  Magnetite offers a range of colours to suit the interior decor of the home ensuring a seamless transition from the single glazed window to the new double glazed window. There are hundreds of hues and shapes to choose from. You can have to have the perfect style that blends in with the whole house’s style matching the doors and roof.

✔️ How good is Magnetite double glazing technology?

Magnetite technology has been tested under the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations. It has accreditation from both the National Acoustic Laboratories and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). The energy rating for windows is done by measuring how much heat/cold can pass through.

✔️ What size will fit my windows?

Magnetite double glazing does not require extensive alterations and remodelling. The existing windows can be quickly converted to double glazing. All our windows are custom measured and made to fit the size of your existing window, door or skylights.

✔️ How much will double-glazing in Melbourne cost?

Each retrofit double-glazing Melbourne installation costs differ depending on the size of the window, shape, and the custom details you require for the installation.  For the best cost assessment, we will send one of our experts to look at the windows you want treated.  The price on the quote will be determined with  consideration of the custom needs you may have.  We do the consultation free of charge and give you a no-obligation quote. This is for both residential and commercial double glazing.

✔️ Is there any value added by double glazing?

Double glazing Melbourne windows is considered a home improvement project.  This is a home improvement that comes with big benefits including lowered energy bills and improved comfort; lower noise and stable temperatures. Realtors in Melbourne advise that any home improvement project adds actual dollar value to the home.

✔️ Do I need to redecorate my Melbourne home after double glazing?

Magnetite technology was developed as an alternative to replacement with traditional double glazing. It does not require the extensive structural work that demands redecoration.  There are few disruptions to the existing structure around the frame, our service is a full service and we will do any minor touch required.

✔️ Where can I get Magnetite Double Glazing in Melbourne?

You can get Magnetite double glazing in all major cities in Australia including Melbourne. Kindly use the 'REQUEST A QUOTE' page to make a quick appointment for a free consultation, and a no-obligation price quote.



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  • About Us

    Magnetite Melbourne Robert and Margaret Campbell 01
    Margaret and Robert Campbell, Franchise Owners
    In 2002 Margaret and Robert Campbell took over operations in Melbourne. With Rob’s over 20 years of corporate and retail sales experience, they understood the importance of customer service in a successful business. Through their office & factory in Airport West, Rob and Marg’s team pride themselves on working with their customers to solve noise and energy concerns by double glaze existing windows and create a more comfortable home or office. Magnetite Melbourne service areas including Geelong in the south-west Ballarat in the north east and Dandenong in the south-east.

    Due to its temperate oceanic climate, Melbourne is known to have four seasons in one day. In summer the heat can be overpowering and cold winter days means soaring energy bills as people try to stay warm. For those reasons, insulation has become a must-have to keep homes or offices comfortable all year round. Magnetite is ideal for older Victorian style homes with large double hung windows which are prevalent around Toorak and South Yarra. Innovations such as our Easy Glide and Slider mean that Magnetite is also well suited to new buildings around the city centre as well as Melbourne Docklands.

    Over the past 14 years, Magnetite Melbourne has installed soundproofing and thermal insulation for some renowned projects, such as retrofit of the iconic Melbourne’s Citi Club (formerly RACV) building and the historic Bundoora Homestead.

    Talk to Rob and his team today and discover how they can improve the level of comfort in your home or office.
  • What is Retrofit Double Glazing

    Retrofit double glazing is the addition of a secondary glazing layer to the existing window. Magnetite’s solutions are designed to suit various types and shapes of windows. Our retrofit double glazing window solutions can outperform traditional double glazed windows. Reduce noise by up to 70%, improve thermal glazing performance by up to 70% and enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office.

    We understand it is important for our clients to receive knowledgeable, timely and efficient service. Magnetite will be there to help you from your first call through to the assessment, installation to after sales service. At Magnetite, our mission is to “exceed our customer’s expectation of comfort”. Whether it is traffic noise, winter cold or summer heat, we will provide the best retrofit double glazing windows solution to suit you

    Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing window systems provide soundproofing and thermal insulation without replacing existing windows. No structural changes are required, which reduces your cost. Enjoy the benefits of double glazed windows without the hassle of window replacement. Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing windows are an affordable and effective way to soundproof and insulate your home or office. Our 7 year warranty is longer than the industry standard and compliments the comfort that comes from dealing with an industry leader with over 18 years’ experience.
  • Why Double Glaze with Magnetite

    Double Glazing Performance + Magnetite Service = Best Customer Value

    Our retrofit double glazing window solutions are independently tested and proven to reduce noise through a window and improve the thermal performance of your windows by up to 70%.  We are passionate about delivering informed advice and an exceptional level of service which is supported by the awards we have won.  Isn’t it time you experienced Magnetite’s awesome value

    Proud Recipients of Multiple Business Awards

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  • Magnetite Double Glazed Windows

    Looking to join the millions across the country improving their energy efficiency through home improvements?
    You are making the right choice. Melbourne remains famous - or infamous - for unpredictable weather that brings stifling heat in summer, freezing cold days in winter, and high energy bills all year.

    You can bring to your home an easy way to save money on heating and cooling by contacting Magnetite, the premier installer of double glazed windows in Melbourne.

    What Are Double Glazed Windows and Why Do You Need Them?
    Double glazed windows offer your home two substantial benefits. They minimise outdoor noise and also provide effective insulation during summer heat and winter cold. A set of double glazed windows consists of two panes of thick glass designed to provide better protection for you and your home

    Concerned about the cost of brand new windows? Magnetite can often work with the windows already in your home. That’s right. Magnetite can take your old fashioned and leaky single paned windows and give you a more secure double glazed treatment through retrofitting.

    This is just one of the reasons why we are one of the most respected contractors specialising in retrofit double glazed windows in Melbourne.

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    The Campbell family has over 15 years of experience completing projects big and small throughout Melbourne and our staff is eager to hear from you.

    Call us today at 1 300 RETROFIT (738-763) to request a free, no obligation quote. You may also email us at or visit our office and showroom at: 
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    We at Magnetite look forward to hearing from you and are excited to help you take the first steps toward a more energy efficient and soundproof home or business.

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