Energy Efficient Windows

Make your windows perform for you and the environment

Energy efficientMagnetite's solutions will create energy efficient windows in your home or office by enhancing your existing windows performance. Magnetite®, retrofit double glazing transform your window into the best energy efficient window for winter performance and can be enhanced with the addition of Solartite, high performance window films, for optimal summer performance.

Magnetite® has been independently tested by WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) to demonstrate an improvement in the window thermal performance by over 70%. Converting your existing windows into energy efficient windows using Magnetite's solutions can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bills. The magnetic seals eliminate draughts and help maintain a more comfortable and stable indoor temperature reducing the reliance on artificial heating or cooling. This will bring a faster return on investment, allowing you to lower your overheads and reach your savings targets faster.

Magnetite has been designed and developed with government assistance to help improve the sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of Australia's existing building stock. Our retrofit double glazing is a sustainable investment with no fixed term that offers a range of energy and environmental benefits. We take our commitment to retrofitting and the built environment seriously. Magnetite is a proud member of Ecospecifier, WERS, and has a Green Star accredited professional on the team to provide an industry perspective to our clients. Magnetite - Creating Building Efficiency through the best energy efficiency windows. See Case Studies on energy efficiency