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  • About Us

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    Michael Westra, Franchise Owner
    When Magnetite Canberra was established in 2006, it was the second region for the franchise owner, Michael Westra. He’d already been successfully operating Magnetite’s Wollongong & South Coast franchise. Prior to Magnetite, Michael worked as an engineer for almost a decade, before deciding to pursue his interest in energy savings with his own business.

    With a mostly dry, continental climate, the weather in Canberra is hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. Alongside his wife Melanie, Michael worked tirelessly in all aspects of the business. Their focus on knowledge, performance and customer service saw Magnetite retrofit double glazing become well known and highly respected in Canberra and the surrounding area as an effective way to double glaze existing windows for thermal insulation and soundproofing.

    For over 10 years, the team at Magnetite Canberra has delivered outstanding results for residential, commercial & government buildings, including the Prime Ministers Lodge in Deakin. For effective, unobtrusive and reliable double glazing, you can be sure that Michael and his team of expert staff will deliver the comfort you deserve in your home or office.

    Talk to Michael and his team today and discover how they can improve the level of comfort in your home or office.
  • What is Retrofit Double Glazing

    Retrofit double glazing is the addition of a secondary glazing layer to the existing window. Magnetite’s solutions are designed to suit various types and shapes of windows. Our retrofit double glazing window solutions can outperform traditional double glazed windows. Reduce noise by up to 70%, improve thermal glazing performance by up to 70% and enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office.

    We understand it is important for our clients to receive knowledgeable, timely and efficient service. Magnetite will be there to help you from your first call through to the assessment, installation to after sales service. At Magnetite, our mission is to “exceed our customer’s expectation of comfort”. Whether it is traffic noise, winter cold or summer heat, we will provide the best retrofit double glazing windows solution to suit you

    Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing window systems provide soundproofing and thermal insulation without replacing existing windows. No structural changes are required, which reduces your cost. Enjoy the benefits of double glazed windows without the hassle of window replacement. Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing windows are an affordable and effective way to soundproof and insulate your home or office. Our 7 year warranty is longer than the industry standard and compliments the comfort that comes from dealing with an industry leader with over 18 years’ experience.
  • Why Double Glaze with Magnetite

    Double Glazing Performance + Magnetite Service = Best Customer Value

    Our retrofit double glazing window solutions are independently tested and proven to reduce noise through a window and improve the thermal performance of your windows by up to 70%.  We are passionate about delivering informed advice and an exceptional level of service which is supported by the awards we have won.  Isn’t it time you experienced Magnetite’s awesome value

    Proud Recipients of Multiple Business Awards

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