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Rendezvous Studio Hotel

Hotels thrive on repeat clientele and their referrals. Alternatively, negative reviews can quickly impact profitability. When the Rendezvous Hotel recognised a number of noise complaints in online forums they were quick to take action. By soundproofing the guest rooms, they have been able to protect their income and gain market share.
noise reductionNoise Reduction
custom installationCustom Installation
fits existin -windowsFits Existing Windows
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The Money Box, 5 Martin Place

The 5 Martin Place project was a redevelopment of the iconic Commonwealth Bank's Money Box building. The project refurbished the existing heritage building as well as incorporating a ten floors of new office tower which cantilevers over the historic building. Magnetite was commissioned to retrofit steel-framed windows in this 1916 heritage building. Magnetite's installation at this project was awarded the 2015 AWA Design Award for Best Use of Window and Doors in a Commercial Renovation.
noise reductionNoise Reduction
energy savingsEnergy Efficiency
thermal comfortThermal Comfort


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Art Deco Apartment on Sydney's Parramatta Road

Why wouldn't you want to live close to the city? There is no doubt that Sydney's inner city living has its advantages. There are plenty of amenities within close proximity and a shorter commute for those who work in the CBD. Unfortunately, for all the convenience of inner city living, high density housing can sacrifice comfort due to excessive noise from neighbours, traffic, or in Sydney's case, aircraft noise.
noise reductionNoise Reduction
custom installationCustom Installation
fits existin -windowsFits Existing Windows


  • About Us

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    Adrian Lafleur, Franchise Owner
    Magnetite - Sydney & Greater Area was started as a family business by brothers Ben and Adrian Lafleur in 1998. With over 15 years’ experience double glazing existing residential and commercial windows, the expertise of the Sydney team means we can insulate any window for soundproofing or thermal insulation.

    Our aim is to “exceed our client’s expectation of comfort”. We believe this starts with the first contact and continues through the assessment and installation phase to after sales service. Going the extra mile to put a smile on the face of our client helps us feel part of a great team that is making a difference to people’s lives in our community.

    Whether it is a job for an individual home owner, a government noise abatement project or achieving Green Star accreditation in the private sector, Magnetite’s Sydney strives to ADD Comfort though by Assessing, Designing and Delivering solutions for comfortable living.

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  • What is Retrofit Double Glazing

    Retrofit double glazing is the addition of a secondary glazing layer to the existing window. Magnetite’s solutions are designed to suit various types and shapes of windows. Our retrofit double glazing window solutions can outperform traditional double glazed windows. Reduce noise by up to 70%, improve thermal glazing performance by up to 70% and enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office.

    We understand it is important for our clients to receive knowledgeable, timely and efficient service. Magnetite will be there to help you from your first call through to the assessment, installation to after sales service. At Magnetite, our mission is to “exceed our customer’s expectation of comfort”. Whether it is traffic noise, winter cold or summer heat, we will provide the best retrofit double glazing windows solution to suit you

    Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing window systems provide soundproofing and thermal insulation without replacing existing windows. No structural changes are required, which reduces your cost. Enjoy the benefits of double glazed windows without the hassle of window replacement. Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing windows are an affordable and effective way to soundproof and insulate your home or office. Our 7 year warranty is longer than the industry standard and compliments the comfort that comes from dealing with an industry leader with over 18 years’ experience.
  • Why Double Glaze with Magnetite

    Double Glazing Performance + Magnetite Service = Best Customer Value

    Our retrofit double glazing window solutions are independently tested and proven to reduce noise through a window and improve the thermal performance of your windows by up to 70%.  We are passionate about delivering informed advice and an exceptional level of service which is supported by the awards we have won.  Isn’t it time you experienced Magnetite’s awesome value

    Proud Recipients of Multiple Business Awards

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