• What is involved in a Magnetite Franchise?

    A Magnetite franchisee receives:
    • The right to use the Magnetite system and products.
    • An exclusive Territory
    • The Magnetite business system.
    • The necessary training required to become a skilled Magnetite technician
    • Access to over 20 years of technical data, market and product research and development.
    • Access to an established website, sales aids, commercials and videos
    • A presence and promotion through industry bodies and associations
    • First right of refusal for new Magnetite products
    • On-going franchise business support and technical advice.
    • The right to use the established Magnetite name to attract customers.
    • Annual Magnetite Franchise €œGet Together.
  • What is my initial investment and what do I get for that?

    The initial investment is based on the size of the territory and typically ranges from $30,000 - $50,000 plus a vehicle, tools and premises. This amount includes an initial investment fee, a comprehensive training program and the stock necessary to start operating, membership in the AWA & WERS.
  • What sort of qualifications or technical skills do I need?

    • While business management, customer service and handyman experience is helpful, the Magnetite operations system will provide you with all the necessary training to develop the skills specific to run a Magnetite franchise.
    • The operations team is also available, along with our network of existing franchisees, for ongoing technical support and advice.
    • Contractor license - trade certificate.
    • People skills
  • Will I need a store or showroom?

    • A showroom with a variety of Magnetite windows installed is a definitive advantage. This allows clients to see, feel and hear the difference we can make to their lives before they commit to a purchase. It also helps to be open for visits for specifiers, like architects, acoustic consultants, energy efficiency advisors and other engineers. With the right design, your showroom will help clients make their decisions and communicate freely with your team to get the best possible results for their home or commercial project. 
    • Your factory size can vary from your garage (to start with) to as large as you need to service your clients efficiently. Our largest regional premises is approximately 500sqm, with the medium size being approximately 250sqm.
  • What sort of competition do I face?

    • Magnetite is the original magnetic insulating window system. Since its development, there have been a few companies that have tried to duplicate our success. None have been able to offer as competitive a price for such a high-quality product. 
    • Traditional double glazing outfits could be seen as indirect competitors. Currently, builders tend to avoid using double glazed units because of cost, time lag and the difficult installation. On existing dwellings, traditional double-glazing involves the complete removal of the existing windows as well as structural alterations, which starts at about double the price of a Magnetite system. In order to minimise cost and mess, many people prefer Magnetite retrofit double glazing. In addition, many clients choose Magnetite since there is virtually no impact on the aesthetics of the external facade, so they can maintain the street appeal of their home. This is critical in heritage houses or buildings, where change to the facade could damage building's inherent style or beauty. Moreover, many people simply prefer to maintain the original look of the home as is. as it was key to their purchase decision when they moved in or built their home. 
    • There is no other company that offers the focused niche services of Magnetite which is acoustic and thermal insulation of windows.  There are companies that may offer a single product such as glass replacement or window replacement however often these products are not able to achieve comparable results to the Magnetite solutions or the cost of their offering is far more expensive.  Magnetite offers a range of solutions so we can cater for the client's unique concerns.  We stay focused on windows and doors allowing us to be the best at what we do
  • What sort of vehicle will I need?

    • Some of the system components come in lengths of 3 to 4 metres. It is recommended that you have a long wheel based van to easily transport Magnetite panels along with the necessary components to work sites safely. Many of our franchisees use a Toyota HiAce LWB.
    • Once you have established enough word of mouth, you can add a smaller sales or service vehicle for attending in-home or on-site appointments. It is recommended that you consider a fuel efficient vehicle that can also be parked in loading zones.
    • Many of our clients have contacted us based on having seen our vehicles travelling around their area, so it is critical that your vehicles are sign written, maintained & clean and well sign written to create a clear message that makes it easy for prospects.
  • What does the future hold for Magnetite in Australia and New Zealand?

    • Magnetite provides a tremendous amount of opportunity in Australia and New Zealand. For every new home built each year, there are millions more that are already existing, with single glazing. As governments move to mandate efficient buildings the profile of double glazing and the benefits will become more widely appreciated in the community increasing awareness and strengthening our niche.  In late 2016, the Australian government announced a new policy directive that will be developed by 2019 as an update to the National Construction Code. Key to the policy is energy efficiency in both new and existing homes.
    • The shift in societal, government and council attitudes with respect to acoustics and energy efficiency for both housing & commercial office buildings has created a huge opportunity for Magnetite. More and more councils are demanding acoustic and energy ratings for new construction, renovations and extensions. Magnetite is at the forefront of the industry having had its system thermally rated through the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) as well as acoustically tested by the National Acoustics Laboratories. The results show in-line with the best replacement products on the market and better than many traditional double glazed units. Magnetite is an excellent and cost effective way of surpassing specified glazing requirements for building approvals. Personal comfort and wellness are also becoming more and more of an issue both in the home and in office environments, with noise and temperature being the two biggest concerns for occupants. Noise and temperature control are the two best attributes of Magnetite retrofit double glazing, surpassed by none in price and quality.
    • But that's not all! Magnetite technicians are working on new innovative products that work with the existing system to offer a wide range of added benefits. In 2015, Magnetite won the AWA Design Award for the Best Windows and Doors Use in a Commercial Renovation for the installation at the Commonwealth's Money Box Building, 5 Martin Place Sydney. 
  • Does Magnetite offer a product guarantee?

    • We take pride in our work and strive to "exceed our customers expectations" This is why systems are independently tested to show performance results. 
    • As part of our terms and conditions of sales Magnetite (Australia) Pty Ltd offers a warranty on all its componets in line with membership requirements to the Australian Window Association. Our optical grade glazing material has a minimum manufacturers's warranty of 10 years. 
    • In addition, we required all of our installation to be backed by a 7 year warranty on workmanship.

The Next Step

If this sounds like it could be your window of business franchise opportunity please fill out our Franchise Enquiry form under the contact us section of the website. You can also contact Adrian Lafleur on (02) 9565 4070
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