Reduce noise and improve thermal comfort with Magnetite

Double glazing can dramatically improve the comfort of a room, home or building by reducing the noise and creating a comfortable, stable indoor temperature. Magnetite® allows existing windows to be converted to a double-glazed system providing the benefits of double glazing without the need to replace the existing windows. The Magnetite® retrofit double glazing system is designed and tested to work with your existing windows, doors, skylights and glass areas.

Noise Reduction

Magnetite® can reduce up to 70% of noise through windows or doors, delivering the peace and quiet you deserve.

Thermal Comfort

Magnetite® can reduce the heat loss or heat gain through your windows or doors, creating all year-round thermal comfort. Magnetite® in combination with Solartite will transform your standard, generic glass window into a high performance glazing system.

Energy Efficiency

Magnetite® improves the performance of your windows and doors, keeping your home or office comfortable all year round while reducing heating and cooling bills.

How Magnetite® Works

magnetite window details

Installation of a discreet Magnetite® subframe allows a clear optical grade acrylic panel to attach inside the existing windowsill, using continuous magnetic channels to ensures a secure and airtight seal around the window. The magnetic seal ensures that when the Magnetite panels are in place the double-glazed window insulation system has the lowest air infiltration rate of any operational window. This seal creates an air cavity between the existing window and your Magnetite® panels.

How Magnetite Solves Your Problems?

  • air cavity

    Air Cavity

    Maximise air cavity for insulation
    against noise, thermal or both.
  • subframe installation

    Magnetic Seals

    Create airtight seals, similar to your fridge doors to eliminate noise and draught
  • comfort

    Acrylic Glazing

    6 times more thermally efficient to
    keep your home or office cool in
    summer and warm in winter
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