Window Insulation & Thermal Windows

Our retrofit double glazing can improve the thermal efficiency of windows by up to 70%

Thermal comfort
Windows are one of the largest contributors of heat gain and loss. They can account for up to 49% of heat loss in winter and up to 87% of heat gain in summer. Our solutions improve the entire window performance; glazing, frames and seals, creating thermally efficient windows.

Magnetite® uses an optical grade acrylic glazing which is up to 6 X more thermally efficient and up to 18 X stronger than a glass. Magnetite's patented framing creates a thermal break from your existing frame while its airtight magnetic seals eliminate draughts. These features allow Magnetite® to help maintain a comfortable room temperature for year round thermal comfort. Our thermally efficient windows will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Magnetite® can be complimented through our range of and Solartite window films, to transform your standard glass window into a high performance double glazed window system.

Reduce condensation on your windows

Magnetite® isn't just great for creating thermal comfort. Magnetite® can also help reduce condensation appearing on existing windows. Our thermally efficient windows can inhibit mould from building up. Less condensation can protect the health of your family and prolong the life of window furnishings and sills. See our Case Studies on condensation

Other Considerations

While windows are a major source of heat loss and gain in a room, there are other considerations to ensuring you create a healthy living environment coupled with thermal comfort. Draughty windows and doors are other areas we can address for you. Properly insulated roofs, walls and floors are also important factors to consider in maintaining the temperature in a room. Adequate ventilation is important for air quality and will help reduce excessive moisture which can casue condensation. For the best results a holistic approach is recommended. Magnetite® has been independently tested by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). See Technical Data and Test Results

Experience delivering thermally efficient windows

Since 1998, Magnetite has developed a strong reputation in thermal insulation across Australia throughout diverse climate zones. In addition to our vast experience insulating residential homes, Magnetite has also been involved in various thermal insulation projects for the Liverpool Hospital, Darebin City Council, SA Power Networks, Orange City Council and the Hobart Aquatic Centre. For your ideal partner in your next glazing project, call or email us today. Technical Data and Results