Double Glazing Existing & Old Windows

Magnetite is designed for double glazing existing windows

If you are worried about your existing windows being expensive to replace or hard to remove, Magnetite is here to help. Our retrofit double glazing systems are designed and tested to fit to your existing windows, doors, skylights and glass areas. Double glazing existing windows can achieve all the benefits of traditional double glazing without the cost and hassle of replacement windows.

The installation of Magnetite's systems is relatively quick as no structural building modifications are required. By double glazing existing windows, we reduce installation times and minimise disruption to your home or business. This saves you money and stress and helps the environment by minimising landfill created by discarded old windows.

Magnetite can double glaze old windows and retain the character of period and heritage properties. Our systems have minimal impact to the inside of the property and will not affect the aesthetic of a window from outside. Magnetite's optical grade acrylic and Soundtite's clear laminated glass will maintain crystal clear views through your windows. Magnetite's retrofit double glazing systems are an ideal thermal insulation and soundproofing solution for strata unit and heritage-listed property as well as newer, modern buildings. With a range of products, Magnetite can provide the best solution for your home or office.

How Magnetite is retrofitted

window diagram with details smallInstallation of a discreet subframe allows an acrylic panel to be magnetically attached to the inside of the existing window sill. Magnetic seals ensure a secure and airtight seal around the inside of the window, minimising draughts. The new Magnetite glazing panel creates an air cavity between your existing window and your Magnetite® panel which acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature. Depending on the configuration of the existing window, we can adjust the size of the air cavity to maximise acoustic insulation, thermal insulation or both. See how Magnetite® works

Double glaze existing windows in your home or office for soundproofing and year round thermal comfort. Call or email us today for a free window assessment.