Soundproofing for existing windows and doors

The Soundtite, secondary aluminium system is designed to reduce noise through an existing windows or doors. The system is installed on the inside of building to ensure maximum soundproofing and minimal impact on the appearance of the building exterior.


Soundtite comes with acoustic glass and seals for the best soundproofing solutions. The glazing is available in 6.38mm, 6.52mm or 10.38mm laminated glass.

Ease of Use

Soundtite can be designed to slide horizontally or vertically to match existing window or door function and design. The frame can be powder coated to complement your existing windows or interior décor. All window sashes can slide for ease of cleaning and operation.


Soundtite promises durability and performance with seven-year warranty on workmanship. The system is lockable to give added security for peace of mind.

How Soundtite Works

magnetite window details

Soundtite’s aluminium frame is installed to the inside of existing window or door. A maximum air cavity is created between your existing windows or doors and Soundtite system, which will act as barrier to insulate against the noise. The acoustic seals around the Soundtite panels will further enhance the noise reduction. The aluminium frame can be powder coated to match existing windows or doors, to ensure your view is maintained. Soundtite’s acoustic glass comes in various thickness to suit the type of noise you want to minimise – 6.38mm, 6.52mm or 10.38mm. All window sashes can slide for ease of cleaning or operation.

How Soundtite Solves Your Problems?

  • air cavity

    Air Cavity

    Maximise air cavity for optimal soundproofing
  • subframe installation

    Acoustic Glass

    Comes in various glazing thicknesses to suit the type of noise
  • comfort

    Acoustic Seals

    Minimise noisy leaks to enhance soundproofing
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