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Windows create harmony between inside and outside spaces; from the beauty, they add to a building facade to the natural light they bring in. However, inefficient commercial windows can be the greatest source of heat gain or loss and noise pollution in a building. This can add to the running costs of the building and decrease the efficiency of staff performance.

Magnetite has developed a reputation as a leader in both acoustic and thermal window insulation. We offer cost effective, proven and tested products for reducing energy use and noise in existing building. With extensive knowledge and experience in glazing requirements, we customise solutions to assist you in achieving the best results on your project. With over 22 years of experience, Magnetite has been involved with noise and thermal insulation in commercial projects for hospital, hotels, schools, office building, restaurant, heritage listed properties and government building across Australia and New Zealand.

We operate through a network of licensed and qualified fabricators, estimators and installers. Magnetite's fabricators are located in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and we service Wollongong, Newcastle, Orange, Tasmania and Brisbane through a network of authorised dealers.

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Why choose Magnetite for your retrofit double-glazing projects

Maximise soundproofing and thermal insulation

Our double-glazing services focus on upgrading the performance of your existing windows and doors. The solution can be tailored to maximise soundproofing and thermal insulation as well as energy efficiency. Magnetite’s secondary glazing systems reduce noise through windows by up to 70% for more comfortable buildings and workplaces and reduce heat transfer through windows by up to 60% creating more sustainable living.

Maintain aesthetic of building exterior

For heritage buildings, retrofitting with Magnetite secondary glazing retains the existing windows and aesthetic character of the building façade. Our systems are designed to fit any type and style of existing windows or doors.

Reduce costs without adding to landfill

Magnetite offers a cost effective alternative than a full replacement. This also means the existing windows are not taking up room in overflowing landfills.

Sustainable environment

Magnetite’s secondary glazing solutions create more stable indoor temperature. It improves energy efficiency, reduces power bills and means longer life for HVAC equipment.

Our commitment to excellence includes Green Star, to enhance communication and help deliver the best solution for your retrofit project. Our teams of trained and licensed installers ensure high quality, efficient installations. We keep abreast of the latest developments and are active participants in the green building industry including Ecospecifier, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Window Energy Ratings System (WERS), Australian Windows Association (AWA) and Facility Management Association (FMA). Contact Magnetite today for your partner in retrofit glazing projects.

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