Soundproof & Noise Reduction Windows

Our retrofit double glazing can provide noise reduction through your existing window of up to 70%

Noise reductionWindows are typically the greatest source of noise penetration in a building. In residential areas, noise pollution caused by traffic, trains, neighbours or aircraft can seriously affect your comfort, health, and property value. In commercial buildings, external noise can disturb concentration and affect the efficiency and quality of work performed.

Soundproofing windows or doors is a reliable way to reduce noise and regain comfort. The most effective way to achieve effective noise reduction for windows is to add a secondary system that stops air leaks and has a large air cavity to buffer the noise.

Magnetite's retrofit double glazing systems provide effective noise reduction for windows or doors in your home or office. Both Magnetite® and Soundtite are designed to maximise the acoustic air cavity, minimise the noisy air leaks and come in various thicknesses to soundproof doors or windows against vibration. Magnetite's secondary glazing systems are designed to be installed on the inside of the window sill. Virtually invisible from outside, our solutions can tackle the noise by soundproofing windows or doors or reduce noise in the whole house by coordinating larger jobs. This makes Magnetite's solutions ideal for strata units, semi-detached or stand-alone homes as well as  office environments.

Other Considerations

While windows are typically the greatest source of noise entering a room, it is important to understand that a room has other building elements that can allow unwanted noise inside. For example, wall vents and draughty doors are two other sources of noise penetration. We can easily address these two areas for you as part of our noise reduction solution. Magnetite offers a range of soundproof door solutions to meet your requirement. In addition you may need to consider the construction of the walls, ceilings and floors and the level of acoustic insulation in these elements. For the best soundproofing results a holistic approach is recommended. Our solutions have been independently tested and proven by the National Acoustic Laboratories in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). See Technical Data and Results

Soundproofing Experience

Since 1998, Magnetite has developed a leading reputation in the noise abatement sector across Australia. We have been involved in major noise mitigation and soundproofing projects such as Sydney's Lane Cove Tunnel, Sydney's M7 & North West Connect, Sydney Airport Noise Insulation (SANIP), Brisbane's Legacy Way Tunnel, Roads and Maritimes Service (RMS) noise insulation works in Sydney and Adelaide. For your ideal partner in your next glazing project, call or email us todayTechnical Data and Results.