Soundproof Doors

External doors in homes or offices serve a variety of functions. However, similar to window they are typically a source of noise penetration. Retrofitting your existing door with secondary glazing will provide noticeable noise reduction to your home or office. Magnetite offers a range of soundproofing door solutions to suit your needs.

Magnetite and Soundtite can be installed to improve most type of existing doors. Being a secondary glazing solution, our system can create a large air cavity which is the most important part of soundproofing doors. Both Magnetite and Soundtite are installed on the inside of existing doors, creating no change to the exterior of the building. This makes Magnetite and Soundtite an ideal solution to soundproof doors for heritage or period homes as well as strata buildings.

For existing sliding doors, Magnetite’s Slider or our Soundtite door system are effective solutions to soundproof your doors. The Magnetite Slider can be easily moved along the sliding track for easy access to outdoors yet, when closed, it still creates an air tight magnetic seal, just like a fridge door. The magnetic panel comes in 4.5mm or 10mm optical grade acrylic glazing to suit your soundproof requirement. The Magnetite Slider not only soundproofs your doors but also makes your home more comfortable all year round.

Our Soundtite secondary aluminium door system can be designed to match the existing aluminium door function and design. The system accepts 6.38mm or 10.38mm laminated glass and 6.52mm VLam Hush to achieve the best soundproof door result. Unlike traditional sliding doors, all glazing panel in the Soundtite are designed to slide for ease of opening and cleaning.

For hinged doors, we can install a Soundtite secondary hinged door that hinged to open the opposite direction to your existing door which will create a soundproofing air cavity. We can also install our range of Sealtite acoustic seals to effectively reduce airborne noise and also minimise vibration. The perimeter and bottom door seals reduce the leakage of outside noise as well as draughts, providing soundproofing and thermal insulation.