Double Glazing for Residential Windows

The solution for comfortable living
Many residential windows are single glazed windows which provide minimal noise and thermal insulation. Converting your existing window into double glazing can improve the quality and comfort of your home; introduce sustainable living by reducing energy use and energy bills.

Magnetite offers a range of retrofit double glazing solutions to soundproof and insulates your home against heat and cold. Magnetite's retrofit double glazing systems have been independently tested and proven to reduce noise by up to 70% and improve thermal performance by up to 70% for residential windows.

Why homeowners choose Magnetite
  • Heritage and Period Homes - Antique, stained and lead-light windows can be double glazed without being replaced and with minimal impact to the appearance of your home.
  • Strata and Apartments - Installation is from the inside of the home and can be completed without any changes to the exterior of the building.
  • Sustainable Living - Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through lower energy use and a lower impact on the environment by using existing materials instead of replacement residential windows that create waste.
  • Property Value -  Double glazing your existing residential windows will increases your property value by improving the comfort of the home and lowering the running costs.
  • Flexibility - Magnetite retrofit double glazing is able to be used on many types of residential windows, doors and skylights including sash windows, timber windows, sliding windows, casement windows, bi-fold doors and multi-panel windows.
With over 18 years of experience, Magnetite offers residential double glazing service to homes throughout Australia and New Zealand. We operate through a network of licensed and qualified fabricators, estimators and installers. Magnetite's fabricators are located in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and we service Wollongong, Newcastle, Orange, Tasmania and Brisbane through a network of authorised dealers.

Our Experience

Barrett House, Randwick City Council

Magnetite partnered with Randwick City Council at the establishment of the Barrett House Sustainability Demonstration project, which provides residents of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney the opportunity to see practical sustainability measures at work, including energy efficiency measures.

Find out more about Barret House

Live Green House, City of Sydney Council

Live Green House is part of the City of Sydney's Sustainable Sydney 2030 Vision for a green, global, connected City and sustainable future. It is a transportable interactive urban home with sustainable solutions for both house and apartment living, including energy. Magnetite was invited to and has installed our system in this house to reflect our contribution to sustainable living.

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The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, North Sydney Council

The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability is a part of North Sydney Council which transformed an ex-industrial site to showcase sustainability best-practice, in everyday life.  The centre features a range of ideas that you can be applied to make your home more sustainable. Magnetite was commissioned to insulate an existing window in the centre's showroom to demonstrate improved thermal comfort and energy saving.

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