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Many residential windows are single glazed windows which provide minimal noise and thermal insulation. Converting your existing window into double glazing can improve the quality and comfort of your home; introduce sustainable living by reducing energy use and energy bills.

Magnetite offers a range of retrofit double glazing solutions to soundproof and insulates your home against heat and cold. Our retrofit double-glazing systems have been independently tested and proven to reduce noise by up to 70% and improve thermal performance by up to 70% for residential windows. Our integrated approach includes assessing the existing windows and doors, designing the best retrofit double-glazing solution, and delivering the result through a customised installation.

With over 22 years of experience, Magnetite offers residential double glazing service to homes throughout Australia and NZ. We operate through a network of licensed and qualified fabricators, estimators, and installers. Magnetite's fabricators are located in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and we service Wollongong, Newcastle, Orange and Tasmania through a network of authorised dealers.

Why homeowners choose Magnetite

Acoustic & thermal insulation

Our secondary glazing solution is tailored to suit your needs, providing optimal soundproofing and all year-round thermal comfort. Our systems have been independently tested and proven to reduce noise by up to 70% and improve thermal performance by up to 70% for residential windows.

Minimal impact to exterior of the homes

Whether it is a heritage homes or strata and apartments, Magnetite offers perfect acoustic and thermal insulation without any changes to the appearance of your home.

Increase property value

Double glazing your existing residential windows will increases your property value by improving the comfort of the home and lowering the running costs.

Sustainable Living

Double glazing your existing windows help to maintain the indoor temperature without having to crank up your air con or heater. The lower energy use means reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Our secondary glazing solution also minimises the impact on the environment by using existing materials instead of replacement windows that create waste.

Custom installation

Magnetite’s double-glazing solution is designed to fit many types of residential windows, doors and skylights including sash windows, timber widows, sliding windows, casement windows and multi-panel windows.

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