You might think that as one of Australia’s ‘quieter’ cities it would mean that noise pollution isn’t a concern in Adelaide. However, a closer inspection reveals that excess noise is more of a problem for Adelaide residents than you think.

Soundproofing Your Windows Is Needed For Adelaide Living


Adelaide experiences a considerable amount of noise for multiple reasons, each of which has been found to be a nuisance, affect sleep quality, and may even damage health in the long term. For Adelaide residents who experience loud noises during the night, this has become a significant problem that affects their sleep and wellbeing. 

There are a number of solutions that can help protect your home from unwanted noise. It is important to investigate the type and source of noise to ensure you choose the appropriate solution for the most effective soundproofing.

What makes Adelaide so loud?

While Adelaide has a smaller population than larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide has the second-highest population density in the country, behind Melbourne and just narrowly taking 2nd place in front of Sydney. This has given rise to a number of community complaints and even legal disputes surrounding the noise of lawnmowers and barking dogs, in addition to rowdy parties in urban areas. This also means that large apartment complexes or and residential homes will be most severely affected by noise pollution, with sound traveling through windows of neighbouring properties.

Additionally, a number of suburbs such as Brooklyn park and West Richmond have been affected by increasing air traffic over the past few years, creating unacceptable disturbances for residents and forcing more stringent building guidelines to ensure new developments are more soundproof.

Why is excessive noise harmful?

While noise can be palmed off as a frustrating reality of living in certain areas, a number of studies have found this can also have harmful effects on our health. A range of mild conditions including stress, fatigue, poor concentration, and more serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and hearing loss can all be caused by excessive noise.

It’s become such a problem that a 2011 study conducted by the World Health Organisation found that 1 million years of healthy life are lost each year in Europe due to the physical effects of excessive noise.

What can be done about it?

Luckily, there are a number of ways to reduce the impact that noise has on your home and your night’s sleep. Taking the appropriate steps to control how sound travels through your home is important, which include carpets or rugs on your floors, adding curtains to your living areas, filling bookshelves to act as a barrier for noise and rearranging your furniture to absorb noise from the walls. By far the most effective course of action you can take is soundproofing your window or door, which is typically the weakest building component. This can be done easily and effectively with a retrofit glazing system – which means the system fits into your existing windows and doorways.

How Magnetite can help?

Magnetite Adelaide offers a number of soundproofing solutions to fit your existing windows and doorways such as Magnetite and Soundtite. Magnetite is a magnetic secondary glazing system that attaches discreetly to the inside of a window reveal. Whereas Soundtite is a secondary aluminium system which comes with acoustic glass and seals, that can be fit to 6.38mm, 6.52mm or 10.38mm laminated glass depending on your needs.

Both Magnetite and Soundtite works by creating a large air gap to act as a barrier for noise, in a similar way that traditional double-glazed windows work. This secondary double-glazed window system is tested and proven to reduce noise up to 70% through the window.

Now that your windows are soundproofed, all that’s required on your part is that you sit back, rest and experience that ‘quiet’ part of Adelaide that everyone keeps talking about.

Get in contact with the team at Magnetite Adelaide today and learn more about our range of double-glazed windows.

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