If you’ve lived in Perth, it’s you may have experienced a night of disturbed sleep due to the booming of music, sirens or revving engines. As Western Australia has phased out several COVID-19 restrictions, the state has become a desirable location for young families and those looking to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, with many setting their sights on the state capital, Perth. 

How to Minimise Noise on Your Perth Property

With more people, comes more noise. Unfortunately, many people wait until excessive noise has disturbed too much of their sleep or ruined too many of their evenings before they take action to stop it.

Discover how to stop unwanted noise from making its way into your home and learn what you can do to minimise noise in your home. 

What’s Causing The Noise?

Two words. Population boom. Perth and Brisbane have been named as the two cities with the highest level of growth experienced in early 2021. Despite having a lower population density than Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, Perth residents have begun to feel the effects of loud noise more in the past couple of years, with the number of noise complaints jumping from 367 in 2016 to 567 in 2017.

More people buying and renting houses means that more construction and urban development projects are being undertaken to support the state’s growth, which means once again, more noise.

How Excessive Noise Can Affect You?

While the occasional loud evening shouldn’t cause too many dramas, prolonged exposure to excessive noise can affect sleep quality, your health and your family’s wellbeing.

Increases in exposure to loud noise have been linked to a number of harmful medical symptoms including fatigue, increased blood pressure, poor concentration and reduced sleep, which over time can lead to more serious illnesses.

The constant disruptive noise can also make you feel irritable at home. Dinner conversation isn’t enjoyable when you must raise your voice louder than the heavy traffic outside. You may  miss favourite crucial part of the TV show because of that loud Ute passing by your house.

How to Minimise Noise?

There are a number of ways to minimise sound and stop noise from entering your home to ensure you and your family get a good night’s sleep and that your guests feel comfortable. By investing in simple soundproofing treatments for your floors, walls and windows, your house can be transformed into a sanctuary, offering a peaceful and quiet environment for you and your family. One of the quick and easy solutions is to soundproof your existing windows and doors. Soundproofing your existing windows and doors can provide immediate results without the hassle and cost of replacement windows.

How Magnetite Perth Can Help?

Magnetite Perth offers two soundproofing systems to help you reduce the noise, Magnetite and Soundtite. Magnetite is a magnetic secondary glazing system that attaches discreetly to the inside of an existing window reveal. Whereas Soundtite is a secondary aluminum system which comes with acoustic glass and seals, that can be fit to 6.38mm, 6.52mm or 10.38mm laminated glass depending on your needs.

Both solutions work by creating an air gap while adding a secondary panel and window glazing to insulate your home from unwanted sound. Magnetite and Soundtite are tested and proven to reduce the amount of noise through a window by up to 70%.

Unlike traditional double glazing systems, both Magnetite and Soundtite can be retrofit onto your existing windows, meaning the time and cost of installation is reduced significantly.

Interested in a Magnetite window soundproofing solution? Get in contact with the team at Magnetite Perth today.
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Magnetite Australia is specialises in providing acoustic and thermal insulation for existing windows and doors. Our double glazing systems have been independently tested by the National Acoustic Laboratories and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations.

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