Let’s face it. The past 18 months have created a pervasive stigma about getting sick. All of a sudden, Sydneysiders have felt an internalised feeling of urgency to follow rules their mum told them, like making sure their clothes aren’t damp and that their hair isn’t wet before they go to bed.

Warm during Sydney Winters


While the factors listed won’t contribute to anyone in your home falling ill, a significant drop in heat and body temperature will, as this environment promotes the spread of viruses like the common cold and suppresses the immune system making it especially important to keep your house warm. The costs savings associated with helping your house heat up quickly and keep warm for hours won’t just help you from a health standpoint but will help you save money on your electricity bill as well. With morning temperatures falling to record lows this winter, we’ve created a guide to keep your Sydney home warm.

Concentrate Heat into The Rooms You’re Using

While ideally, everyone wants to keep their entire house warm, the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to keep a property warm in winter is to pick specific sections of your home to localise heat within. The logical tip is to focus on the rooms that people in your house are likely to be using the most like your bedroom or central room like living room, as the heat will circulate around the house. In the meantime, keeping doors closed in peripheral rooms of the house will lock heat into the most important areas such as the kitchen, dining room and living room within your home.

Windows insulation

Check Windows and Doors Insulation

Checking windows and doors insulation in your house is an important part of keeping it warm, as most houses leak a significant amount of heat in the winter through windows and doors. As we’ve discussed in a previous article, homes that lack window and door insulation can cause massive surges in the power bill, but understanding how heat loss is allocated can provide great insights into how to keep your house warm. The Australian government recommends checking ceilings, walls, window insulation, door insulation and your floors for adequate insulation as this accounts for almost all heat loss. Should your walls or ceiling need insulation, undergoing renovations and calling in a builder to install them will keep your house warm and cosy this winter. However, in cases of shoddy work and badly insulated windows and doors, replacing them completely maybe an expensive feat. Don’t worry, read on to find out a less expensive solution.

Use Double Glazed Windows

Another way to keep your house warm and cosy this winter is by utilising the benefits of double-glazed windows. Double glazed windows create a pocket of air between each windowpane, which drastically reduces the amount of heat that can escape through your window. Double glazed windows are a solid investment, as they provide year-round insulation. This means they provide tremendous value also in the summertime when you are trying to keep the heat out. While you might fear the disruption during installation to your home, a company like Magnetite offers retrofit double glazing, which allows the installation of an additional window onto your existing window, which is quick and easy thanks to the methods they use. Magnetite’s retrofit double-glazed window is fitted with a magnetic seal and acrylic glazing which creates a thermal insulation system that has the lowest air infiltration rate available and the best window insulation in Sydney - creating thermal comfort for your home.

Acoustic Weather Seals

Finally, a significant amount of heat in your home escapes from gaps under doors that are not fitted with a weather seal. With draughts through windows and doors accounting for 15% - 25% of heating and cooling, seals are an effective way to insulate your home in winter and summer. Magnetite Sydney offers premium weather seals that, like our windows, can be retrofitted to your existing doors, so that you don’t have to worry about a lengthy installation period when trying to plug the gaps that heat is escaping from.

If you need any advice on how you can keep your home warm this winter or you’re interested in learning more about Magnetite products, get in contact with our Double-Glazing Sydney experts today.


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Magnetite Australia is specialises in providing acoustic and thermal insulation for existing windows and doors. Our double glazing systems have been independently tested by the National Acoustic Laboratories and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations.

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