While Australia’s known as the sunburnt country, it’s the bitter chill of winter that is the biggest threat to Australian families and their homes.

Ways to Keep Melbourne Home Warm in Winter with Magnetite


The cold kills more people in Australia each year than heatwaves, but more time and money is spent on educating people about protecting themselves from the sun and the harm it can cause.

This situation is no exception in Melbourne, which boasts some of the coldest weather in the country thanks to blasts of arctic wind from Port Phillip Bay. Despite all this, many local homemakers and builders have not fixed the issue of improving insulation, a problem that has been contributing to illness and mortality rates in Melbournians for decades.

To help Melbournians improve the comfort of their home by keeping the cold out and heat in, we’ve provided a list of ways to manage the issue of cold homes.

Insulating Your Property

Well insulated properties can expect to save thousands of dollars on their energy bills each year, without being afraid to turn the heater on, or throw another log on the fireplace. By spending some extra time and money on insulating and weather sealing your doors, ceiling, walls, windows, and floor, you can take the thermal management of your property into your own hands. Ironically, these additions also pay for themselves in the summer, offering year-round protection.

Acoustic Weather Seals

Draughts account for 15% to 25% of changes to heating and cooling and as a result, weather seals provide a highly effective way to insulate your home, keeping the heat in. Weather seals work by attaching a strip of seal on the perimeter and bottom of your doorway, minimising temperature change when the door is closed. Magnetite Melbourne offers acoustic and weather seals, that can be retrofitted to your existing door. This means you do not have to worry about a lengthy installation period when trying to plug any gaps heat might be escaping from.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are one of best solutions to beat the cold in your home. Double glazing works by having two windowpanes and filling the gap in between the panes with air limits the transfer of heat between your house and the elements outside. Estimates suggest that the insulation and ability to hold the desired temperature of a room can be increased by up to 70% following the installation of double glazed windows. Magnetite Melbourne offers retrofit double glazing, which allows the installation of an additional windowpane onto your existing one. Magnetite’s range of double-glazed windows in Melbourne are tested and proven to improve thermal performance, keeping your comfortable all year round. 

Keep Your Curtains Closed

If your windows are not insulated, then keeping your curtains closed when the outside temperature is low, will provide some value as well. While not as effective as retrofit double-glazed windows, heavy curtains will help to keep heat within your home, and this can be a good option for those also looking for privacy.

Check Your Heating Vents

You can also manage the cold home phenomenon by checking for any existing issues related to heating vents. Many households accidentally leave their heating vents blocked by rugs or couches, which not only obstructs incoming heat but makes your heater work harder, costing you more on your energy bill. If your home is double brick you might also be losing heat through the wall vents which can also be covered to maintain the warmth through winter. 

Place Rugs on Your Hard Floors

For the last tip, it comes down to placing a rug on your floors. No matter what material they’re made of, if your floors are hard, they’re going to be freezing. By placing a rug over the top of surfaces like timber or tiles, you can at least save your feet some agony by putting some distance between you and the cold ground and make your home more comfortable.

Improve your window thermal comfort and stay comfortable all year round. Contact our double-glazing Melbourne based experts today.


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Magnetite Australia is specialises in providing acoustic and thermal insulation for existing windows and doors. Our double glazing systems have been independently tested by the National Acoustic Laboratories and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations.

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