why women cold in the office
A recent study by Maastricht University suggests that the ideal office temperature formula is based on the body heat of an average man. Specifically a 70 kilogram, 40 year old male. The issue is, metabolic rates can vary across humans subject to a number of factors like weight, age, fitness level, etc. Women's metabolic rates are 20 to 35 percent lower than males. The research conducted in the Netherlands found the current model had the potential to overestimate women’s heat production by up to 35%. This explains why some women feel cold in a standard office temperature.
Magnetite Sydney Photo Competition: We’ve got the winners!!
835 photos submitted, 7 months, 6 different themes, 2 winners

If you noticed our team taking photos of your windows installation, chance are they were competing in our Photo Competition, which finished late last year.

Taking home a new iPhone 6, Thien Vu won the first Magnetite Photo Competition as “The Best Photographer”, with a total point tally of 35 points. Mark Stogden’s photo from his Soundtite installation in Homebush was voted as “The Favourite Photo”. As a result, Mark had a chance to spin the “wheel of prizes”, which stopped on 2 Gold Class Movie Vouchers and a $100 Dining Voucher.
Magnetite Sydney’s Gibraltar Hotel Getaway Winners Announced!
Through the month of September, Magnetite Sydney ran a Gibraltar Hotel Getaway contest on Smooth FM. All customers who book a job in September were entered into a draw to win an overnight, all expenses getaway at the Gibraltar Hotel in Bowral. The winners were selected in a random drawing.
The Rocks’s Claremont House Apartment shortlisted in 2014 IDEA
The Claremont House Apartment has made the shortlist of 2014 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) for Residential Multi category. The IDEA promotes the best of Australian interior and product design across different category.
A recent study of national sleep habits found 1 in 3 Australian adults struggle with their sleep. Moreover, this study also suggested one third of Australians wake up feeling unrefreshed at least several mornings a week.
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