We’ve all been irritated by outside noise before – it’s disturbing and there’s not much you can do but endure.

Picture it: you’ve had a hard week at work and want to have a lie in on the weekend.  All of a sudden at 7am on Saturday the workers renovating next door start shouting to one another and hammering away, waking you up. Another 4 months to go before you get that sleep in.   – sound familiar? You can’t very well ask them to stop their work. While you usually can’t control the noise going on outside you home, you can do something about how much of it comes into your home. With the city growing a little bit busier and noisier each year, there’s never been a better time to consider secondary glazing and soundproofing your windows or doors.

Maximum Air Gap for Best Soundproofing

Secondary glazing systems convert your existing window into double glazing without the hassle of replacement. The secondary window system is retrofitted to the inside of your existing window sill and creates an air gap between the two windows, which is the essence of double glazing.  The large air gap  created by the secondary glazing system is a far more difficult path for sound to travel through. Consequently, fewer sound waves are able to penetrate through the extra layer, leaving the inside quieter and more serene.

Magnetite offers two secondary glazing systems to suit the requirement of your home or office. Magnetite retrofit double glazing is an ideal soundproofing solution for timber or heritage windows due to its slim line frame which blends into the existing window. While Soundtite is also a popular choice for aluminium sliding windows or doors due to its durability, ease of colour matching and it can also be designed to slide vertically or horizontally for ease of use. Both of Magnetite and Soundtite come in a range of glazing thicknesses to meet the level of soundproofing you need for your home or office.

Double glazed windows – More Weight, Less noise

To put it simply, double glazing is an extra layer of glazing in your window which makes the window heavier.  With that extra glazing weight, it is harder for noise to penetrate the window. Sound is created by vibration - the extra mass absorbs this vibration, preventing those sounds from escaping into your house. By installing Soundtite or Magnetite secondary glazing, you’re fundamentally creating a barrier which diminish the volume of outside sounds. Soundproofing your home is an investment in comfort, and one we are yet to see anyone regret.

Why not speak to our Double Glazing Melbourne team today and find how we can soundproofing your windows or doors

Soundproofing windows

Air tight Seal for Maximum Insulation 

For a city like Melbourne that has a huge stock of existing homes or buildings, secondary glazing such as Magnetite is a popular option for soundproofing existing windows. The product with which we share our name, Magnetite, is the go-to option for timber or heritage windows. The secondary window panel is snapped onto the subframe with a magnetic seal, creating an air tight barrier of space between the existing window and retrofitted window. This air tight seal is a key element in delivering the high performance of our window system.

In addition to the key advantage of creating a soundproof window, Magnetite retrofit double glazing also improve thermal comfort and increase energy efficiency of your windows. Like Soundtite and the rest of our line, we custom make and install our Magnetite secondary glazing to suit your acoustic or thermal requirements.

Our Magnetite Melbourne customers can’t believe how much of a difference secondary glazing makes for soundproofing and thermal comfort. If you’re looking for soundproofing or double-glazing windows in Melbourne, look no further.

Magnetite is Australia’s leading secondary glazing and soundproofing solution for existing windows, servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. Get in touch with our Double Glazing Melbourne experts today to find out how we can help make your home more comfortable.

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Magnetite Australia

Magnetite Australia is specialises in providing acoustic and thermal insulation for existing windows and doors. Our double glazing systems have been independently tested by the National Acoustic Laboratories and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations.

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