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Magnetite joined Paralympian, Katie Kelly at the 2016 Coleman Greig Challenge. It was our first time taking on the challenge to walk, run or ride and fundraising for newborns and children with special needs in Western Sydney. Magnetite comes to the table as a Gold Sponsor – recruiting a-5 member of Sydney team in a fitness challenge at the crack of dawn on Friday 21st October.
Walk, Run or Ride for the Community: The 2016 Coleman Greig Challenge

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Having joined KK on her road to Paralympic Gold in Rio we were inspired to further support her with a cause that is close to her heart. Katie Kelly was born with hearing loss and in her mid-20s, she was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome*, a genetic condition she had suffered since birth. Katie’s challenge is tough – however it doesn’t stop her from getting the most out of life and achieving such amazing outcomes. We are all proud of her achievement and it motivates us to support her in changing young lives by joining the challenge.

This year challenge raised close to their goal of $150,000 for the three charities the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children, St Gabriel’s School and MyWestmead who support newborns and children with special needs.

For more details about this challenge: https://colemangreigchallenge2016.gofundraise.com.au/

*Usher Syndrome is a genetic disorder and there is no cure. The symptoms and signs of Usher Syndrome generally include: Hearing loss leading to deafness; Loss of vision leading to blindness; Balance problems; Speech difficulties.
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