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Sydney is generally considered to have a mild climate which allows us to often forget how cold our homes actually get. With most homes designed to stay cool in summer it means they are very hard to heat up during winter and often inside temperatures are colder than outside in winter. Generally, the biggest culprits letting the heat escape are windows and doors which can account for up to 49% of winter heat loss. Here are some easy ways to keep your home cosy this winter.
How to keep your home cosy this winter

Draught Proofing

Draughts from leaky windows or poorly fitted doors can account for 25% of heat loss during winter. Weather stripping older timber windows can reduce the cold draughts making a dramatic difference to your comfort. Simple draught seals can be purchased from the local hardware however you get what you pay for. There is a limit to the styles available in a hardware store and what is on offer may not fit properly, potentially making the problem worse or they may peel, making the job only a temporary solution. Sealtite is a range of seals offered from Magnetite that are durable and custom fit for a perfect fit to your existing windows and doors

Final Heat Loss

Double Glazing

If your windows are rotting or falling apart and you need to have them replaced you should consider purchasing a window that is double glazed. This is a window with two layers of glass in the frame separated by a small air cavity. The air cavity helps the glass insulate against heat loss. While double glazing can come in aluminium, timber or uPVC frames it is best to use either a timber or uPVC frame for the best performance as aluminium is a metal and a poor insulation material so a poor choice for double glazing.

Retrofit Double Glazing

If your windows are in a decent condition then there is no need to rip them out and add to landfill. Often the existing windows give a home character so it may be worth some minor repairs or draught seals combined with a retrofit double glazing solution. Retrofitting is the process of adding another layer of glazing, with an air cavity, to the existing window. This can either be direct to the existing frame or potentially as a second frame or second window. Done correctly this can improve the thermal efficiency of the window by up to 70% and cost half as much as a replacement window with similar performance.

Improving the seals on your existing windows and doors and upgrading them with retrofit double glazing will dramatically improve the comfort of your home throughout winter. Allowing the natural sunlight in, creating a bright and open feeling, the windows will help to passively warm your home. In addition the refurbished windows will reduce noise ensuring your home is peaceful and cosy all year round.


Magnetite has been the leading window insulation company in Sydney for over 20 years. Magnetite has a range of solutions to help improve the existing window performance for both thermal and acoustics. Visit us at the HIA Sydney Home Show at ICC Darling Harbour from Friday, 13th March to Sunday 15th March 2020, Stand L13 to experience how we can provide you with the solution for comfortable living.

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