Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing wins AWA Design Award 2015

October 2015, Sydney: Magnetite's installation in 5 Martin Place, Sydney was awarded as Best Use of Windows and Doors in a Commercial Renovation at the Australian Window Association Design Awards 2015. 
"A Prime example of what can be achieved to improve the performance of an existing building"

Ian Harkin from Magnetite said "Martin Place was a fantastic project to be part of and it's always nice to be recognised on a national level by your peers." The AWA's 2015 conference was held in September at the Darwin Convention Centre.

The award recognises glazing products that complement and enhance the design of a dwelling or building. Judges commented "utilising a combination of Magnetite® retrofit double glazing and window film is a prime example of what can be achieved with great attention to detail and functionality to improve the performance of an existing building."

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In the refurbishment of 5 Martin Place in Sydney's CBD, Magnetite's slim-line secondary double glazing was retrofitted to 362 windows. This allowed the heritage windows to be retained, accentuating the historic look and feel of the building. Magnetite ® was chosen for three reasons: acoustics, aesthetics and energy efficiency, helping to achieve Green Star certification for the landmark building affectionately known as the Money Box. A special mar-resistant glazing, manufactured by Mitsubishi Rayon was imported specifically for this project , a first in Australia - to ensure durability and consistency in the product.

Retaining heritage windows was the priority and a challenge in this project. Once we proved the effectiveness of Magnetite®, the heritage architects, TKD Architects, were keen to use our product as it had the least visual impact on the heritage windows. said Magnetite's Commercial Project Manager for 5 Martin Place, Adrian Lafleur.

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About Magnetite
Magnetite® converts existing single glazed windows to high performance double glazing. The family business was started by brothers Ben and Adrian Lafleur in 1998.  Since the first orders were produced in their converted garage in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield, the business has grown to a franchised network of fabricators and installers across Australia and New Zealand.  With a focus on performance, service and value, Magnetite customises each design from a range of glazing solutions to achieve the best results for their clients.