A New Generation in Insulation

Sydney, October 2020: After 20 years helping Adelaide families insulate their homes against noise and the harsh Australian weather, Janusz Bejnarowicz has decided to tackle his next challenge; retirement. This decision comes easy knowing that his son Piotr will officially take the helm and his granddaughter Dominika will join the business ensuring the same family values of service, knowledge and performance that Janusz built his business on.

Janusz RetireJanusz established Magnetite Adelaide in 2001. Three years later, he brought his son, Piotr into the business. Over the years, they have worked together to build a reputation as the go-to company for acoustic & thermal insulation solutions for existing windows & doors in Adelaide. Over the last couple of years, Janusz has slowly stepped back allowing Piotr to master his skills in directing the company and securing larger commercial-scale projects such as the T2T Noise Abatement project while also ensuring they continued to service the residential window market where they popularised the Magnetite name. 

“The concept of double glazing was not common back when Magnetite Adelaide first started. It took time to educate and prove to the market that our system provides the best soundproofing & thermal insulation, without having to replace their windows or doors. It is rewarding to see our list of satisfied customers over the years. I loved being involved with a product that has made such an improvement to the comfort of so many people.” Janusz said.

Magnetite Adelaide FamilyDominika brings the third generation to this family business. She has spent the last few months shadowing Piotr and Janusz, taking advantage of their vast knowledge and experience, enabling her to understand the values of this dynamic family business and ensuring these values are present when she continues Janusz legacy of putting a smile on the faces of Adelaide homeowners.

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