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Window creates harmony between the outdoor and indoor space, through the light they let in and the view they reveal. Yet, a window is the most vulnerable element of the house in term of energy efficiency.
Is your window energy-efficient?

Between 48% to 61% of energy loss through a window in a typical house - causing the household to consume more energy and feel less comfortable. There are few metrics that we can refer to measure the energy performance of our window: Solar Heat gain Coefficient (SHGC), U-Value (Uw) and Visible Transmittance (VTw).

The following video released by Australian Window Association (AWA) explains what each metric means and how it measures window energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

The video also explores different available solutions and their energy performance comparison – for example, low-e glass is not better than double glazing. It is, however, better than a standard clear glass. To learn more about window energy rating, visit www.wers.net.au
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