Derived from German Passivhaus, Passive House is a construction concept that aims to reduce the ecological footprint
Apr 28, 2017
Sustainable homes across the country are opening their doors this Sunday 13 September as part of Sustainable House Day. Hosted by the Alternative Association and EnviroShop, nearly 150 homes are taking part in a showcase of the value of sustainable building and renovation. Residents will offer public tours and information sharing on topics ranging from energy efficiency, passive solar benefits to aquaponics. This event aims to educate and inspire people on what they can achieve in their own homes and gardens. 
Sep 11, 2015
A recent study by Maastricht University suggests that the ideal office temperature formula is based on the body heat of an average man. Specifically a 70 kilogram, 40 year old male. The issue is, metabolic rates can vary across humans subject to a number of factors like weight, age, fitness level, etc. Women's metabolic rates are 20 to 35 percent lower than males. The research conducted in the Netherlands found the current model had the potential to overestimate women’s heat production by up to 35%. This explains why some women feel cold in a standard office temperature.
Aug 10, 2015