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Why a Magnetite Franchise


Our Story

The brothers who founded Magnetite Australia began their career as start-up franchisees in a suburban garage, in 1998. With time, they learned how to evolve & grow into a national network. Their experience growing alongside franchisees has shaped the Magnetite culture, with a deep appreciation of each role in a sustainable, long term relationship.

The franchise network has seen Magnetite reach new markets and increase buying power. Being committed and focused on their own businesses, our licensees have collectively built a deep knowledge base with expertise in regions across Australia and New Zealand. This means we can address any challenge, whether for thermal insulation or noise reduction, as a team. Magnetiteearlydays
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Why a Magnetite Franchise?

A Magnetite licence is an opportunity to start your own business, with the backing of an established brand, with existing systems and proven, tested products. Licensees come from various backgrounds: retail, manufacturing, sales, IT, engineering and health services. Yet, there are strong shared values among the team., embodied in the acronym, "Magnetics"€. (Measure, Achieve, Gratitude, Networks, Excellence, Tenacity, Integrity, Care and Solutions)

This reflects in our approach with every customer and steady growth in referrals, which are now up to one third of our work. On average, Magnetite franchisees have been trading for 15 years; double the average in the franchising sector. We are very proud of this as it reflects a unique approach, where licensees have enjoyed the freedom to grow into their markets. Their businesses are set to thrive for many years to come as emerging trends, along with supportive policies signal new growth and new market opportunities.

Developing a great brand takes time, consistency and innovation. That means having the right people, in the right roles with the right tools. With opportunities in Brisbane, Hobart and NZ, your window of opportunity is now.