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Orange City Council 

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Orange NSW

Orange is known for beauty, arts and culture, as well as its climate, with freezing winters and hot summers. With this in mind the City Council took a progressive stance in its Civic Centre, to address energy efficiency and the comfort of staff and visitors. Magnetite reduced projected energy use by 13.3%

The challenge
The key task was to reduce heat transfer through windows, to save energy and money and improve comfort levels for occupants. Double glazing and window film were considered the most effective solutions. Yet, efficiency & finance cost were critical to justify the investment.

Being occupied by full time staff, minimising disruption in offices was a key concern. When compared to replacement windows, faster lead times with less disruption to the office areas saw Magnetite rated as the most efficient retrofit solution.

The solution
Magnetite commissioned Arup, whose modelling conservatively projected Magnetite retrofit double glazing would provide savings of 13.3 % in energy usage. Using 4.5mm thick optical-grade acrylic, with an air cavity ranging from 20-60mm, Magnetite created a thermal break, which limited heat transfer through the existing aluminium framed, glass windows. The U-value was improved from 5.82 to 2.73 (W/m2.K), achieving the desired comfort and efficiency gains

Dollar and Sense
With assistance from the Federal Government, the project was completed in late 2009. Comparable savings across Australia through ARUP thermal modelling is represented in the graph below.

"Combined heating and cooling loads, energy savings vary from 7% in the hottest climate (Cairns) to approximately 13% in the coldest (Orange). Yet, the relative saving on heating energy cost in Orange exceeds 30%."

Orange city council comparison chart
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