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Working closely with customers, either in person or over the phone, staff at Bunnik Tours aim to create the best travel experiences for their customers. This became increasing difficult with the noise from the commercial redevelopment across the road.  Magnetite was able to tackle this noise and restore the quiet, comfortable office setting required by Bunnik Tours.

The challenge
Bunnik House is a heritage style building in Adelaide City with very old casement windows. The office has very old, leaky casement windows, which easily let in the noise. Given a commercial redevelopment across the road, noise was unavoidable for staff working on phones or in person with customers. It was important to ensure a quieter office environment.

Magnetite Adelaide was asked to help, in part because we have performed successful noise reduction works for other buildings in the area and also as a result of the heritage status of the building, which requires that windows should be preserved to maintain the aesthetic character of the building.

The challenge was to do the installation while not disturbing the office staff. As a result, much of the works were completed outside of working hours to accommodate staff and management requirements. At all other times, the installers worked around the staff on duty, minimising any interference or disturbance to office operations.

The works
Magnetite's retrofit double glazing was installed on 49 steel-framed casement windows over three levels of Bunnik Tour's office. Due to the structure of existing windows, Magnetite's 10mm acoustic panels were installed directly onto the surrounding wall. In addition, this application allowed Magnetite to be fitted with a large air gap, to maximise noise reduction.  Magnetite panels were aligned with the existing windows framing, to blend in and maintain aesthetics.

Dollars and Sense
Following the Magnetite installation, Sacha and Dennis Bunnik of Bunnik Tours commented "Wow, what a difference it makes". The addition of Magnetite had significantly reduced noise that constantly interrupted their working environment.  On top of that, they have realised that Magnetite's glazing solution has delivered substantial savings in energy consumption, reducing their last electricity bill by nearly 20%.

The combination of a huge reduction in noise with substantial savings in energy use has ensured a comfortable working environment for employees, clearly outlined in a follow up testimonial. So much so, that these two prominent South Australian businessmen were happy to have their photos taken in front of their Magnetite windows.

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