Residential Testimonial - Ed & Katrina

To be quite candid, I had vaguely heard of Magnetite some years ago, but was always in two minds about things retrofitted. Our 35 year old western aspect home has floor to ceiling wood frame west facing colonial windows that run along the west side of the house. The heat loss through the winter months has always been significant, and even with the two gas burners on, we have never felt really comfortable in the house. Replacing the windows with double-glazing was simply going to be outside our limited budget. We were looking in the vicinity of $20,000 and could not proceed with that sort of solution.
Yet, I had preconceived notions about magnetite – I thought that the treatment was of limited effectiveness, and we were worried about the aesthetics of the product.

Of course we were completely wrong.

A friend came over, and sat in the family room looking out of the window for over an hour, exactly where the magnetite treatment had been completed and yet failed to see the magnetite. He was pleasantly surprised that the high grade Perspex was so clear that, until we pointed it out, he hadn’t registered it was there. So if you think the treatment is going to detract from the view, I can tell you categorically that it doesn’t. The colonial windows look as they always did and this was a real surprise to us.

And that night, even with only one area of the house treated, the effect was immediate – the kitchen and family room for the first time felt cosy and warm, and only one of the gas heaters was on, and it was the gas heater at the opposite end of the house on a low setting. We couldn’t believe it! I guess if you do the numbers, the savings on gas would probably need to compile for a number of years to get a full return on your investment, but for the first time in 25 years we had felt really comfortable and warm in the home without both gas heaters blasting away on the high setting. It was very noticeably different. There were no cold spots either – they were eliminated with the outside door sealing that was installed – no cold drafting to contend with anymore.

Because of limitations on our budget, we were able to have the work progressively done and plan to finish the treatment before next winter. However the magnetite solution was a fraction of the cost (less than a third of what we expected from any other alternative) and the effect has been way above any expectation we ever had. We are so grateful we looked around!

In our view, if you are looking around for a solution to your heating (or cooling) issues, before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on replacing windows, check them out.

Ed & Katrina, Wanniassa ACT
October 2015