Residential Testimonial - Christine

I live in the inner city with bedroom onto shared light well. Even when they weren’t partying the noise from other occupants was intrusive and maddening at night – especially in summer, can you imagine? Someone suggested double glazing my bedroom window. That was expensive, and the Magnetite panels were an affordable alternative. My bedroom is now a haven, impenetrable by noise even when the young ones in the building are celebrating.

My tenants on same light well were having problems with the noise at night. I was happy to solve it for them by installing Magnetite in their bedroom. Same result – nightly peace and joy!

Naturally I have been recommending your product for some years now. I think my construction may be well beyond its 7-yr guarantee by now, but it’s still good. And I trust reconditioning when it becomes necessary will be a matter of remagnetising the panels? If not, then it’d be well worth paying for a new installation. 

There’s nothing so precious as a good night’s sleep!

Christine, Darlinghurst NSW
March 2016