Magnetite franchising is about customers receiving a consistent product and service from different outlets. We feel that our success is something that we can help you replicate. Franchising has allowed us to increase product reach as well as our understanding and knowledge of different territories through the correct choice of experienced franchisees. Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds from small and big business, quality control, architecture, sales, building and construction, retail to nursing.”We feel that the flow of information from franchisee to franchisor is as important as the support, advice and direction the franchisor imparts to the franchisee.

We believe that success of Magnetite brand depends not only on a successful product but also the quality of our people. For this reason it has taken Magnetite over twelve years to grow our franchise network to 12 locations as well as several rural dealers. Rather than overload the market with too many outlets we have taken the approach of franchising large exclusive territories. With such a unique and non-consumable product this allows franchise owners the freedom to grow into their market and have a thriving business for years to come. This also means that we have created a team environment with open communication between franchisees.

With franchises in major cities across Australia and New Zealand, we have a broad reach, yet we still have potential to grow.
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